kits wins Comenius-EduMedia-Seal 2023

Our team at B310 is excited to express our gratitude to the NLQs kits team for giving us the incredible opportunity to collaborate on a project that has now been honored with the Comenius EduMedia Seal 2023. The Comenius Seal recognizes outstanding content and creative implementation in digtal educational media, and we are beyond thrilled that one of our clients has been honoured with this award.

The kits team provides a set of open source, privacy respecting tools that can be used for educational purposes. While kits has a focus on language education, tools like the collaborative mindmapping web app TeamMapper or the brainstorming tool mindwendel can also be helpful in other contexts. Since all of these projects are open source, we’d also like to thank the project creators, maintainers and people who submitted code, issues and feedback. To get an understanding of the involvement of B310 in these projects, see kits Tools on GitHub. Wile some tools, such as Excalidraw or TeamMapper are forks of existing projects, other tools like QRStorage have been developed from scratch for kits.

Comenius EduMedia Seal for kits

A massive shout-out goes to the kits team. Without their trust in our abilities and their belief in our open source driven approach, none of this would have been possible. We are humbled by the chance to work alongside people that are committed to driving positive change in the education space.

We are grateful for the Comenius committee for acknowledging the creativity and innovation that went into creating the software that has been awarded.

Last but certainly not least, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the educators, students, and institutions who have embraced the kits toolkit and made it a part of their educational journeys. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and valuable insights have been instrumental in shaping our work and fueling our passion for creating impactful solutions.

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